Members and Volunteers

Want to get involved and volunteer with other committee members??? Let us know, we would love to have your input!  We need your participation!  Do you have an hour to cover the basket raffle table at the festival? or two hours to sell 50/50 tickets for the committee at the festival one day?  You don't need to give a lot we are always grateful for whatever time you are able to give, so give us a call or shoot us an email!!!  We look forward to hearing from YOU! 


Billi Janet Burkey, Chair
Jim Yerkey, Vice Chair
Joyce Hudnell, Secretary/Treasurer
Pat Fallot, Secretary/Treasurer
Karen Yerkey
Anna Jule Whitmer
Pat Fallot
Lisa Lingenhoel
Martha Bell
Jackie Clapper
Tom Ault, City Contact

Constitution Committee
P.O. Box 70
Louisville, OH 44641
330-418-1148 (Billi Janet)

We are always accepting new members and volunteers to help in our community!!!  So let us know what your interests are.